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  • Raymond looked at these objects of interest -- and at several others -- with some degree of abstractedness. Cited from On the Stairs, by Henry B. Fuller
  • With her curious abstractedness she forgot me again immediately. Cited from England, My England, by D.H. Lawrence
  • She conversed with mature self-possession, yet showed a slight tendency to abstractedness. Cited from Born In Exile, By George Gissing
  • In fact, she did not seem to have heard a single syllable she said, and this was evident from the wild but affecting abstractedness of her manner. Cited from The Evil Eye; Or, The Black Spector, by William Carleton
  • The real charm of Contarini is in its abstractedness, and consists in being pleased and puzzled at the same moment. Cited from The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, Vol. 20, No. 556
  • Both ladies noticed in him an abstractedness of look, often when conversing, as of a man in calculation; they put it down to an ambitious mind. Cited from Diana of the Crossways by Meredith, v1
  • He talked about it, but in snatches, with intervals of abstractedness. Cited from Born In Exile, By George Gissing
  • Demonstrations may be difficult to be comprehended, because of abstractedness of the subject; but can never have such difficulties as will weaken their authority, when once they are comprehended. Cited from A Treatise of Human Nature V1&2, by David Hume
  • Anthony had fallen against the roots of a banking elm, and surveyed the scene with philosophic abstractedness. Cited from Rhoda Fleming by George Meredith, v5
  • Mean while I cannot forbear concluding, from the very abstractedness and difficulty of the first supposition, that it is an improper subject for the fancy to work upon. Cited from A Treatise of Human Nature V1&2, by David Hume
  • He has taught us how the attempt to formulate one all-comprehensive principle -- e.g. unity in variety, has led to a barren abstractedness, and that we need in its place a number of more concrete principles. Cited from The Project Gutenberg Encyclopedia Volume 1 of 28
  • Ashamed to give any sign of satisfaction, and oppressed by the feeling that he owed her gratitude, Peak stood gazing towards the windows with an air of half-indifferent abstractedness. Cited from Born In Exile, By George Gissing
  • His friends were now alarmed at his abstractedness, and with considerable difficulty removed him from the place to his own home, where his family received him, for the first time, with grief, as he was their whole stay and support, and the kind head of a large family. Cited from Observations on the Mussulmauns of India, by Mrs. Meer Hassan Ali
  • It is the very abstractedness of our usual patterns of thinking and our habituated modern fixation upon only what can be made explicit that keep us unaware of such aspects of experience, without which reality as a whole cannot be apprehended nor experience be comprehended.
  • Come along; I vill find you a bed somevhere else.' All this was but acting up to the idea Mr. Roubiliac had formed of the abstractedness and eccentricity of genius. Cited from Art in England, by Dutton Cook
  • I say nothing of the insult put upon the Most High, the daring presumption of breaking in upon the devotions of his worshippers, and involving them in the sin of abstractedness from the solemn work before them, by entering late into the house of prayer. Cited from Personal Recollections, by Charlotte Elizabeth
  • The Doctor little thought, while he, in common with good ministers generally, gently traduced the Scriptural Martha and insisted on the duty of heavenly abstractedness, how much of his own leisure for spiritual contemplation was due to the Martha-like talents of his hostess. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 3, No. 18, April, 1859, by Various
  • Poteat demonstrated to his students that making the shift to a Post-Critical mode of thinking requires escaping from the largely subconscious and profoundly self-alienating abstractedness of the Critical mode -- the "default mode" of Modernity.

Meaning of abstractedness

  • noun Preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else