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  • Info Abstracta is an online-only international philosophy journal which focuses on epistemology, logic, metaphysics, moral philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, psychology and philosophy of science.
  • If abstracta lack causal powers or spatial location, how do we know about them?
  • To the extent that philosophy is independent of empirical research, and to the extent that empirical questions do not inform questions about abstracta, philosophy would seem especially suited to answering these latter questions.
  • Note that in order to be able to create instances of the parent class, we had to split it into two classes -- AbstractA and A, the latter with no content (it would only contain constructors if those were needed).
  • Hidden Place was released in May 2003 with a new progressive sound from the new keyboard player Fabio Sanges (Abstracta).
  • Scotura abstracta is a moth of the Notodontidae family.
  • As philosopher and Anselm scholar Katherin A. Rogers observes, many contemporary philosophers of religion suppose that there are true propositions which exist as platonic abstracta independently of God.
  • A unica opiniao que a opposicao diz ter e que ella accusa o governo de nao professar e a opiniao abstracta da economia, da ordem, da moralidade e do progresso. Cited from As Farpas (Janeiro 1878), by Ramalho Ortigao & Eca de Queiroz
  • De la union de unas con otras resulta la luz; con la separacion, no se obtiene mas que, o una intuicion abstracta y vaga, o la contemplacion de una verdad particular que, limitada a pequena esfera, nada puede ensenar sobre los seres considerados bajo un aspecto cientifico. Cited from Filosofia fundamental, by Jaime Balmes
  • Ella descobre assim, com lentidoes ufanas, Alta, escorrida, abstracta, os grossos tornozelos; E como aquellas sao maritimas, serranas, Suggere-me o naufragio, as musicas, os gelos E as redes, a manteiga, os queijos, as choupanas. Cited from O Livro de Cesario Verde, by Cesario Verde