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  • Abstract thought is newly present during this stage of development.
  • They are generally not disc shaped, but instead take more complex, even abstract forms.
  • All of the games are two-player abstract strategy board games.
  • And for a moment the man's eyes were abstracted, as if in deep thought. Cited from The Half-Hearted, by John Buchan
  • On the boat I used to notice you because you were so quiet and abstracted. Cited from The Trail of '98, by Robert W. Service
  • He looked a little abstracted, and turned as if to go. Cited from Frontier Stories, by Bret Harte
  • This, however, becomes more difficult with abstract words such as imagine, understand and knowledge.
  • She was no longer so self-absorbed, and so abstracted, as she once was. Cited from The Lady of the Ice, by James De Mille
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  • However, his primary interest during his retirement years was to turn to more abstract philosophical questions.
  • Every one's first attempts at abstracting must be very bad. Cited from Practical Essays, by Alexander Bain
  • There are more isometry groups than these two, of the same abstract group type.
  • I therefore shall make no effort to add another failure to the several abstracts of this Report. Cited from The Conqueror, by Gertrude Franklin Atherton
  • The conditions themselves can be stated in an abstract form, so that they make sense for any partially ordered set.
  • Many articles and all research abstracts are published in both languages.
  • He is known for his often large-scale abstract paintings and found-object sculptures.
  • Nothing stronger than this could be said regarding his present power of abstracting his mind from surrounding circumstances. Cited from The Girl at Cobhurst, by Frank Richard Stockton
  • However, since it was aimed initially at children, it is camp only in an abstract sense.
  • Op art works are abstract, with many of the better known pieces made in black and white.
  • If abstracted using functions, function calls become necessary for many operations which are native to some other languages.
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Meaning of abstract

  • verb Consider a concept without thinking of a specific example; consider abstractly or theoretically
  • verb Consider apart from a particular case or instance
    Let's abstract away from this particular example
  • verb Give an abstract (of)
  • adjective Existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment
    abstract words like `truth' and `justice'