abstract paintings

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  • She has become well known for the forms hidden within her abstract paintings.
  • Later in his life his art frequently also included abstract painting.
  • Until the late 1960s, his abstract painting had a large following in France.
  • He has set up as well a huge cross and an abstract painting of the Creation.
  • He began his artistic art career in the late 1980s with abstract painting and drawing.
  • He began his artistic career in the late 1980s with abstract painting and drawing.
  • He is known for his often large-scale abstract paintings and found-object sculptures.
  • He studied architecture but became known as the leading name in Portuguese abstract painting.
  • He was best known for his large-scale abstract paintings.
  • These included one person shows of abstract painting, installations and performance art.
  • But that was short lived as she felt that abstract painting was still relevant.
  • Though they were never able to achieve it, it was apparently an early attempt at abstract painting.
  • The majority of his works are based in realism as he did not like abstract painting.
  • He later credited it as another key source of inspiration for his later abstract paintings.
  • He is best known for his abstract paintings of natural subjects, such as his Leaf series.
  • He has been the recipient of many awards in regional and national shows for his large abstract paintings.
  • Film is unique because it uses abstract paintings-in-motion to express the passion between the two main characters.
  • There's a large abstract painting on the building that faces it.
  • After moving to New York City, he became influenced by the freedom of abstract painting.
  • He makes semi-abstract paintings that feature cartoon-like characters and objects.
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