abstract painter

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  • He began as an abstract painter, but he always maintained an interest in drawing life forms.
  • His pre-occupation as an abstract painter for four decades has been with space.
  • He began his career as an abstract painter in New York City during the mid-1960s.
  • An early American modernist, he is often considered the first American abstract painter.
  • Alexander also had the most prominent career outside of architecture, as a stage designer and abstract painter.
  • Her career spans many years, starting as an abstract painter, and developing into a major creative force.
  • Often asked if he was an abstract painter.
  • He was one of the country's leading abstract painters.
  • Its aim is to explore the period of art and history in which the abstract painter worked.
  • An abstract painter, he participated in art festivals throughout the world.
  • He is also a published poet and abstract painter.
  • His mother was a pianist and his father an abstract painter.
  • My mom is a guitar teacher and an abstract painter - an all-around artist and a wonderful woman.
  • At heart she was an abstract painter, as she explained.
  • He has also exhibited as an abstract painter in major Los Angeles art galleries.
  • There he met his life partner, abstract painter Roy Dowell who he has lived with ever since.
  • The artist, who died in 1993, is now regarded as a key abstract painter.
  • He is currently an abstract painter in New York.
  • His parents divorced and his mother, an abstract painter, moved to New York City, where he would frequently visit.
  • Conceptually, he never considered himself an abstract painter and is averse to be called one.
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