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  • Info Absolution is a traditional theological term for the forgiveness experienced in the Sacrament of Penance. more...
  • And now for your soul's health I will give you all absolution. Cited from Myths and Legends of All Nations, by Various
  • He refused and the priest turned from him without saying the words of absolution. Cited from The City and the World and Other Stories, by Francis Clement Kelley
  • Those receiving the absolution may make the sign of the cross as well.
  • What does absolution mean in the lips of a son of man? Cited from Sermons Preached at Brighton, by Frederick W. Robertson
  • She had done no wrong; she would neither ask nor accept absolution. Cited from A Golden Book of Venice, by Mrs. Lawrence Turnbull
  • I have made a general confession to you; will you give me absolution? Cited from The Love Letters of Dorothy Osborne to Sir William Temple, 1652-54,Parry
  • There was another class of men who denied human power of absolution. Cited from Sermons Preached at Brighton, by Frederick W. Robertson
  • The father had given them two months in which to seek absolution. Cited from The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Vol. 24, Ed. by Blair & Robertson
  • I have written to my sister; but have only mentioned the absolution. Cited from Clarissa, Volume 7, by Samuel Richardson
  • You did not call me here to grant you absolution. Cited from Moral, by Ludwig Thoma
  • What should a person do when the priest has refused or postponed absolution? Cited from Baltimore Catechism No. 3 (of 4), by Anonymous
  • When the end comes with its great absolution, I shall not be sorry. Cited from The Newcomes, by William Makepeace Thackeray
  • Neither do we see how he who does not assent to it may be said to receive absolution. Cited from Apology of the Augsburg Confession, by Melanchthon
  • Absolution became a plain business transaction: you pay your money and you take your goods. Cited from Luther Examined and Reexamined, by W. H. T. Dau
  • "I could not give you absolution so long as you intended to kill her Grace." Cited from Come Rack! Come Rope!, by Robert Hugh Benson
  • It is the third track on their third studio album, Absolution.
  • His fear is that he will die with no opportunity of confession and absolution. Cited from Love, Life & Work, by Elbert Hubbard
  • "And how do you feel when you have got absolution?" Cited from Personal Recollections, by Charlotte Elizabeth
  • He would later grant an absolution to the entire army.
  • Those who completed the crusade, or died along the way, were offered full absolution.
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Meaning of absolution

  • noun The condition of being formally forgiven by a priest in the sacrament of penance
  • noun The act of absolving or remitting; formal redemption as pronounced by a priest in the sacrament of penance