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  • He is absconding but then leaves his key at a secret place.
  • Fifteen people had been released due to lack of evidence and a further five had absconded.
  • The fourth went by, and we began to think he had absconded. Cited from The Wonders of Prayer, by Various
  • He had been accustomed to travel, and could do so again without absconding. Cited from The Vanishing Man, by R. Austin Freeman
  • His life was safe if either of these men could be persuaded to abscond. Cited from History of England, James II V. 4, Macaulay
  • When we returned at the hour appointed, he had absconded, having received his discharge. Cited from The Conqueror, by Gertrude Franklin Atherton
  • Any one who had come aboard might have supposed we were all absconding from the law. Cited from Essays of Travel by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • But his conduct toward the younger was so base, that she absconded. Cited from A Romance of the Republic, by Lydia Maria Francis Child
  • Now it was necessary to provide a picked crew -- men the least likely to abscond. Cited from Omoo, by Herman Melville
  • Ian absconds shortly after without telling his family where he is going.
  • She also asserted that her husband had sold his office furniture before absconding.
  • I left word I should call the next day -- I did so -- she had absconded. Cited from What Will He Do With It, Lytton, Book 7
  • She also has many love and other personal problems - she has just absconded from the psychiatric ward.
  • It soon became clear to them that he had altogether absconded. Cited from Harry Heathcote of Gangoil, Anthony Trollope
  • Absconding was a common problem as many tried to re-unite with family members living outside the settlement.
  • She lives with Castle partly because a previous husband absconded with all her savings.
  • Yates absconded during his trial and spent three years on the run.
  • One day, however, the team's manager absconded with the daily gate proceeds.
  • His mother died shortly afterwards and his father absconded, so he was raised by his grandparents in a council flat.
  • After her mother denied him visitation, her father reportedly absconded with his daughter twice.
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How abscond gets used

Meaning of abscond

  • verb Run away; usually includes taking something or somebody along
    The thief made off with our silver, the accountant absconded with the cash from the safe