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  • Once the player has completed his or her run, the game does not abruptly end.
  • However, this single was promoted for a short time before being abruptly dropped.
  • The other interesting thing about the weather is that it can change very abruptly.
  • Their relationship ended abruptly and he moved in with another family.
  • At about, the island rose abruptly from the bay to a height of on its western side.
  • On occasion, the king was known to change battle plans abruptly and turn a losing battle into victory.
  • She says that she'll be waiting for him before abruptly hanging up.
  • At that moment the military situation once more changed abruptly.
  • For various reasons, the line abruptly ended a month later in August.
  • The two continue to fight when he brings up the affair and leaves abruptly.
  • Much of the city limits end abruptly with forest or farm land.
  • Although Blacks did not all abruptly stop working, they did try to work less.
  • The section ended abruptly long before the game's release.
  • However, his political career ended abruptly when he took control of the Tribune.
  • It turned abruptly to the north-northwest, followed by another turn to the northeast.
  • Although the show ended abruptly, there was a script done for the final episode.
  • All the themes re-appear and there is the final section which ends abruptly.
  • This project was abruptly abandoned after a decision of his editor.
  • Immediately afterwards he abruptly slowed down his solo output due to events within his personal life.
  • She was abruptly let go for reasons that were never publicly stated.
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Meaning of abruptly

  • adverb Quickly and without warning
    he stopped suddenly