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  • He makes the average or above average player look like a star at times.
  • The total length of the bridge is and above high water mark.
  • There were not above twenty-five or thirty people in the church. Cited from Peter Stuyvesant, the Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam, by Abbott
  • We can't go above twenty-five an hour through those bad roads. Cited from The Empire Annual for Girls, 1911, by Various
  • The city is situated in a high desert river valley approximately above sea level.
  • The title of the book usually appeared inside the circle, either above or below the letters.
  • In some you may find that ten thousand persons were captured, in others above twenty-five thousand. Cited from The History of Rome; Vol II, Books 9 to 26, by Titus Livius
  • These beds are generally five or six feet above high-water mark. Cited from New South Wales, by William Charles Wentworth
  • This is because the above model is very simple.
  • The animal is dark to grey brown above and pale grey brown below.
  • The iron bridge was supported above high water level on the Wear.
  • At its source, the river is at an elevation of above sea level.
  • These are the families given under "including" in the list above.
  • Some of these have been described informally above and many others are possible.
  • The villages on this part of the river are generally built twenty or thirty feet above high water mark. Cited from Overland through Asia (Illustrated), by Thomas Wallace Knox
  • Then we'll get her above high-water mark. Cited from Bob the Castaway, by Frank V. Webster
  • The B-tree uses all of the ideas described above.
  • All at once he saw a little ring in the rocky wall a little above high-water mark. Cited from Weird Tales from Northern Seas, by Jonas Lie
  • The lake, not more than nine miles in length, is twelve hundred feet above tide-water. Cited from James Fenimore Cooper, by Thomas R. Lounsbury
  • The first battery built here was just above high-water mark, and nearly half a mile long. Cited from Thirteen Months in the Rebel Army, by William G. Stevenson
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Meaning of above

  • noun An earlier section of a written text
    for instructions refer to the above
  • adverb At an earlier place
    see above
  • adverb In or to a place that is higher