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  • The final goal is the abolition of coal and other non-renewable energy sources.
  • However, his abolition of capital punishment was the first permanent abolition in modern times.
  • It also calls for the abolition of laws and regulations to improve research conditions.
  • A world of law, the abolition of national armaments with a world force and a world economic system.
  • As early as 1926, five years after its first creation, calls began for its abolition.
  • During his brief stay however, he was able to cast his vote in favour of the successful abolition of the slave trade.
  • The Constitution provided for abolition of the slave trade but the Articles did not.
  • It has also published leading writers' commentary on abolition, education, and other major issues in contemporary political affairs.
  • This existed until the abolition of the Provinces later the same year.
  • Many, even in the abolition movement, were content to let it be so, and to let the South go its own way.
  • Labour members held a majority of seats on both authorities until their abolition in 1996.
  • A few women began to gain fame as writers and speakers on the subject of abolition.
  • Abolition of this policy has been proposed in 11 provinces, mainly along the developed eastern coast.
  • Critics argued "that abolition was his personal desire and not that of the nation."
  • Another issue was that Independence brought the abolition of slavery, cutting agricultural production.
  • He did not favor immediate abolition before the war, and held racist views typical of his time.
  • Abolition of slavery also became a condition of the return of local rule in those states that had declared their secession.
  • The party lists the abolition of age of consent laws among its immediate demands.
  • Despite his close relationship with the Chinese classics, he promoted the abolition of classical Chinese.
  • Their labor was repeatedly bought and sold for decades after the official abolition of American slavery.
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Meaning of abolition

  • noun The act of abolishing a system or practice or institution (especially abolishing slavery)
    the abolition of capital punishment