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  • A single member or the features in general might be small or abnormally large. Cited from The Religion of Babylonia and Assyria, by Morris Jastrow
  • Her brain seemed abnormally active, and she found it impossible to go to sleep. Cited from From Out the Vasty Deep, by Mrs. Belloc Lowndes
  • It also had an abnormally long waiting period in between the first and second sets.
  • The river was abnormally high -- higher we were told, than it had been in many years. Cited from Out of Doors--California and Oregon, by J. A. Graves
  • Rather abnormally so, in fact, and not the least when animals are concerned. Cited from Plays by August Strindberg, Second series, by August Strindberg
  • I am abnormally concerned with the real world -- and you'd better come back to it! Cited from Operation: Outer Space, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • His head is abnormally small due to an accident with enemy Indians when he was young.
  • He is noted as been abnormally tall for the times but was only around six feet two inches.
  • It was abnormally hot, and the doors that were usually closed were set wide open. Cited from Berry And Co., by Dornford Yates
  • During an abnormally cold December, many were without power for weeks.
  • However, it is more common for such damage to cause abnormally low body temperatures.
  • Then its abnormally large pedipalps are used to take food into the mouth.
  • It has also been discovered that abnormally high water levels often kill tamarack stands.
  • The owner of the black eye went his way, face set in abnormally forbidding lines. Cited from Every Man for Himself, by Hopkins Moorhouse
  • The report also revealed abnormally high death rates for Native American students.
  • She later dies after giving birth to an abnormally small girl.
  • The seat was made very low, and it was, perhaps, on this account that the horse seemed so abnormally high. Cited from Cape Cod Folks, by Sarah P. McLean Greene
  • She's so abnormally pretty she can do anything. Cited from Embarrassments, by Henry James
  • The town has an abnormally large police force for its size, most of which is dedicated to speed control along the main road.
  • In total, eight people in South Africa died due to abnormally high sea levels and waves.
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Meaning of abnormally

  • adverb In an abnormal manner
    they were behaving abnormally, his blood pressure was abnormally low