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  • The ablutionary fluid is most difficult to be had in places where water is abundant. Cited from Punchinello, Vol. I. No. 20, by Various
  • When the two married, Milly's people went through that ablutionary process known as washing their hands of her. Cited from Gigolo, by Edna Ferber
  • Like the other, he comes in priestly and ablutionary office. Cited from Musical Portraits, by Paul Rosenfeld
  • The ablutionary tank made by Solomon was as large as a hundred and fifty lavatories. Cited from Hebraic Literature; Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala
  • Upon one stood a basin, in which was water that had some time ago been used for the ablutionary purposes of someone sadly in need of a wash. Cited from Sparrows, by Horace W.C. Newte
  • Most seamen, especially those of foreign nationality, have seemingly a horror of water for ablutionary purposes, in contradistinction to landsmen. Cited from Fritz and Eric, by John Conroy Hutcheson
  • Fanny Bonnington (1868-?) was a Blenheim domestic servant who gave birth at sixteen in secret in 1884, and threw the dead body of her infant down an ablutionary facility.
  • From the far side of the river, against the night sky and like an ablutionary message let slip from heaven, a soap-factory spells out its product in terms of electric bulbs, and atop that same industrial palisade rises the dim outline of stack and kiln. Cited from Every Soul Hath Its Song, by Fannie Hurst
  • In the traditions of many Indigenous peoples of the Americas, one of the forms of ritual purification is the ablutionary use of a sauna, known as a sweatlodge, as preparation for a variety of other ceremonies.