ability to attach

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  • One important benefit of electronic lead management is its ability to attach qualifiers to each lead.
  • Does not have the ability to attach important files to go along with reminders.
  • Their presence greatly enhances the bacteria's ability to attach to the host and cause disease.
  • Their main strength lies in the ability to attach a group of up to 50 units, which from then on would follow their commands.
  • Little girls develop the ability to attach emotional feelings to dolls, and pretend that their toys live.
  • The rifle also boasts a new compensator over previous models, with the ability to attach a suppressor.
  • The modern version of this fish is considered to be the remora, which has been written about for millennia as having the ability to attach itself to ships and stop their movement.
  • Another additional feature is the ability to attach a caravan to the player's vehicle, dramatically affecting the handling.
  • They are identifiable by their ability to attach to the plastic surface of non-tissue cultured-treated Petri dishes.
  • Tobacco smoking lowers the sperm quality, perhaps by decreased ability to attach to hyaluronan on the egg cell.
  • The ability to attach to host cells allows bacteria to interact with them in various ways, whether by type III secretion system or simply by holding on against the prevailing movement of fluids.
  • A gold membership, currently $20 a month, includes many extras like priority placement of a listing and the ability to attach marketing packages like property fliers.
  • Senior DMOZ editors have the ability to attach "warning" or "do not list" notes to individual domains but no editor has the unilateral ability to block certain sites from being listed.
  • In August 2011, MapHook added the ability to attach YouTube videos to "hooks."
  • The virion outer layer is composed primarily of VP2 and VP5 trimers that are also involved in the virus's ability to attach to and penetrate a host cell.
  • RNA Pro is a prohormone product that helps stimulate the plants manufacture of that protective protein coating, making the virus' ability to attach to the plant's RNA more difficult.
  • The strophomenids lost the ability to attach by the stalk in adult specimens, so they either lay free, attached the ventral valve at the umbo to a firm substrate, or balanced with their spines sunken into a soft substrate.