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  • In addition to abdominal pain, right shoulder pain can be present.
  • It is one of the most common and significant causes of severe abdominal pain that comes on quickly worldwide.
  • The abdominal x-ray is a test that can be carried out quickly and easily in an emergency department.
  • However, during the swing, he suffered an injury in his abdominal area.
  • This can cause immense referred pain in the lower abdominal wall.
  • In horses, it is often associated with low-grade abdominal pain.
  • He had been suffering strong abdominal pain during the days preceding his inauguration.
  • The abdominal technique is very often applied in difficult circumstances or when complications are expected.
  • When the liver is affected the person may have abdominal pain, weight loss, and turn yellow.
  • In all cases, the abdominal and lower back muscles must be used in order to support the body and prevent back injury.
  • In recent years he has suffered back problems, knee injuries and an abdominal tear.
  • The front seat has a three-point seatbelt, while the rear one has a simple, abdominal belt.
  • However, when he returned to London to prepare for the trip home, he experienced severe abdominal pain.
  • A hernia, either internal or through the abdominal wall, may also result.
  • A positive sign is indicated by presence of pain upon removal of pressure on the abdominal wall.
  • Then all tissue to be removed is passed through the small abdominal incisions.
  • A few days before the beginning of the tournament, he was forced to withdraw from the event due to an abdominal injury.
  • The internal organs can be seen shining through on the abdominal part of the body.
  • The abdominal masses can grow to enormous size before being noticed by the patient.
  • For example, a person goes to a doctor with abdominal pains after having his appendix removed.
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Meaning of abdominal

  • noun The muscles of the abdomen
  • adjective Of or relating to or near the abdomen
    abdominal muscles