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  • If there is no abbreviation shown, it means that this company always appears with its full name.
  • The team abbreviations became white letters against the team's main color.
  • Both schools are listed under their modern abbreviations for all games.
  • Many abbreviations, especially four-character words, have been created for particular products or TV shows.
  • As in most other major cities, abbreviations are commonly used in transport-related matters.
  • This abbreviation is only allowed after communications has been established in each sector.
  • Note that many of the abbreviations are used with or without a stop.
  • Control characters and other non-printing characters are represented by abbreviations for their names.
  • Knowledge of the abbreviation as well as the official name is not shared, even between different scene members.
  • A key to the abbreviations used in the table is given below.
  • The abbreviations below are commonly used in the names of power stations.
  • Each of the buildings on the main campus are commonly referred to be a letter abbreviation.
  • In addition there are a large number of ending forms as well as abbreviations.
  • Finally, each volume provides a list of commonly used abbreviations that may be found in the text.
  • Some abbreviations are, as in American English, always followed by a full stop.
  • Also used occasionally were abbreviations for following m's or n's.
  • In other cases the abbreviations are written with a capital letter.
  • In all cases, they were known by an abbreviation derived from the official name rather than by the full title.
  • This class includes also the abbreviations for the names of most sees.
  • They were often represented with a general mark of abbreviation (above), such as a line above.
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Meaning of abbreviation

  • noun A shortened form of a word or phrase
  • noun Shortening something by omitting parts of it