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  • Info Abbot, meaning father, is a title given to the head of a monastery in various traditions, including Christianity. more...
  • And he led the abbot's horse to some distance further on the hill. Cited from The Lancashire Witches, by William Harrison Ainsworth
  • The day-to-day affairs of the council are under the charge of the chief abbot.
  • There were few indeed of its abbots who did not help in some way or other to increase their library. Cited from Bibliomania in the Middle Ages, by Frederick Somner Merryweather
  • The abbot ordered the brothers to fast during a particular week.
  • Sometimes he ruled over only one community, sometimes over several, each of which had its own abbot as well.
  • They were not allowed to sell their lands without the Abbot's say so.
  • Little is known about the history of the abbots, and not all seem to be known by name.
  • The abbot was superior of the house, and all were subject to him.
  • Election of new abbots also took place in this room.
  • The abbots were originally elected for life but are now elected at the general chapter, held every four years.
  • More houses were established, along with a library and abbot's residence.
  • He only finished the job after the abbot promised to serve him normal meals.
  • Abbot tried to determine how best to use his small budget.
  • They were subject to an abbot, and observed a common rule.
  • It has been estimated that no more than twelve monks and an abbot lived here at any one time.
  • The name is believed to be derived from that of the local abbot.
  • These were the abbot's terms and Richard had no choice but to accept them.
  • The title abbot came into fairly general use in western monastic orders whose members include priests.
  • Abbot earned eight battle stars for her World War II service.
  • He held that office under three succeeding abbots, and filled it with great honor and industry. Cited from Bibliomania in the Middle Ages, by Frederick Somner Merryweather
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  • noun The superior of an abbey of monks