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  • The old abbey buildings of the same foundation are now used as the hospital.
  • After his death later that year he was buried at the abbey.
  • Again there is no information to the form of the first abbey.
  • Nothing remains of the abbey church or its associated buildings.
  • The village remained under the Abbey's control for almost two centuries.
  • The abbey's construction had not been completed at that time.
  • He eventually managed to be accepted into an abbey in France.
  • All that remains today of the structure is the bell tower of the abbey's church.
  • Battle Abbey was founded by William at the site of the battle.
  • The abbey became too small for its members and it was necessary to send out bands to found new houses.
  • The abbey church remained in use as a parish church.
  • Bus services were improved and residents can now easily reach Abbey Wood railway station.
  • Most of what remained of the castle walls was incorporated into the abbey's south and east walls.
  • All four abbeys were in a bad state at the beginning of her reign.
  • Here a round window opposite to the Abbey's entrance is dedicated to his memory.
  • As the Abbey became more involved in local politics, it entered a period of decline.
  • The abbey's growing property brought it great wealth, but it never settled any daughter houses of its own.
  • There is also a museum of the abbey's history.
  • During this time, the abbey's estates were managed by the lay brothers.
  • Although the abbey would remain famous for its music, the abbey's status declined over time.
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Meaning of Abbey

  • noun A church associated with a monastery or convent
  • noun A convent ruled by an abbess
  • noun A monastery ruled by an abbot