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  • This led to an abandonment of the field for more than a century.
  • The highway is known for the large number of abandonments located along it.
  • There has been some dispute over when the actually abandonment took place.
  • The abandonment of some sites is now believed to be later than had formerly been thought.
  • This abandonment of open free trade led to a split in the British government.
  • It features a room with a background of abandonment or family activity at different times.
  • Germany's abandonment of the silver standard put further pressure on other countries to move to the gold standard.
  • A decade of hard times followed, marked by the abandonment of entire communities.
  • She then accused him of rape leading to his abandonment at sea along with his sister.
  • However, public opposition to such a scheme led to its abandonment.
  • Public concerns about the health effects and a lack of political support eventually led to abandonment of the concept.
  • Due to the low traffic and poor condition of these tracks, eventual abandonment seems likely.
  • Today, all three sites remain in various states of abandonment.
  • Large scale abandonments of lines began in the late 1950s, usually associated with highway or bridge work.
  • It is thus likely that the entire complex underwent a process of early abandonment.
  • Grounds for abandonment in most states is no contact between the parent and child for at least one year.
  • Within twenty four hours of its abandonment, everything of value had been stripped from the vehicle.
  • This period of abandonment lasted until the Iron Age, when the hill fort was built.
  • In some cases, a large amount of inconsistent data over time may lead to total abandonment of a model.
  • The railway allowed the inhabitants to escape their isolation, but also brought about abandonment of traditional activities.
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Meaning of abandonment

  • noun The act of giving something up
  • noun The voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away