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  • Before she could fire a shot in answer, she blew up abaft. Cited from On the Spanish Main, by John Masefield
  • Up with your helm, abaft there, and let her go off square before the wind! Cited from The Missing Merchantman, by Harry Collingwood
  • I was very tired, and sat down for some time on the deck abaft. Cited from Percival Keene, by Frederick Marryat
  • The sea had now risen mountains high, and more than once had struck the ship abaft. Cited from The Phantom Ship, by Frederick Marryat
  • Their leading ship a little abaft our lee-beam, distant one league. Cited from The Two Admirals, by J. Fenimore Cooper
  • The wind continued to back round, and soon got to be abaft the beam. Cited from Afloat And Ashore, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • The ship broke her back abaft her bridge, further separating the two groups aboard.
  • They used the small platform abaft the funnel to take-off and land.
  • The state-rooms abaft, however, as well as the little apartment which lay between them, were closed. Cited from The Water-Witch, or, The Skimmer of the Seas, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • She sank abaft in three minutes, but her bow did not fill for nearly an hour. Cited from The Gulf and Inland Waters, by A. T. Mahan
  • So I rose to my feet and walked abaft. Cited from Sir Ludar, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • A broad platform extended over the counter, low down abaft the raised poop. Cited from Mark Seaworth, by William H.G. Kingston
  • "I thought there was; you see they are nearly up to the beams abaft." Cited from Percival Keene, by Frederick Marryat
  • Only eighteen feet water was on the rock, the ship drawing nineteen and a half feet abaft. Cited from The Life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth, by Edward Osler
  • Abaft of that is the after cabin that we use as a dining room. Cited from Boy Scouts in Southern Waters, by G. Harvey Ralphson
  • "Can you see anything, Jim, just a point or so abaft the beam." Cited from A Dream of the North Sea, by James Runciman
  • A bower cable of each ship was immediately got out abaft, and bent forward. Cited from Life of Horatio Lord Viscount Nelson, Vol. I (of 2), by James Harrison
  • Her draught of water forward was now seven feet nine inches, and abaft thirteen feet six inches. Cited from Voyages and Travels, Vol. 13, by Robert Kerr
  • Her captain and her men had left her alone, and from the boats standing abaft, they silently watched her sinking. Cited from The Measure of a Man, by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  • Well, she must be a capital sailor at all events: look there, a point abaft the beam. Cited from The Phantom Ship, by Captain Frederick Marryat
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