a span

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  • The album features ten songs written over a span of four to five years.
  • It is eight feet wide with a span of four and one half feet.
  • They would at times play up to five games in a span of only nine days.
  • Over a span of six days, he shot and killed five people.
  • It would be her last film for a span of ten years.
  • As an adult, she wrote her first book in a two-year span.
  • All three of his victims were killed within a span of four months.
  • That too was controlled but within a span of few hours yet another house caught fire.
  • The contest takes place in an open field over a span of two days.
  • Their debut album was recorded over a five-year span and earned positive critical notice.
  • If all goes as planned, this space could open up over a span of the next few years.
  • He can also manage to write plays in just a span of time.
  • The series was written over a span of more than four decades.
  • Initially, the video was planned to be shot in a span of eight days.
  • In a span of just three years, he had recorded twelve albums.
  • It is eight feet wide and a span of seven feet.
  • Both the boys and girls basketball teams have won two championships in a span of six years.
  • The album was recorded through a two-year span where the band road-tested the material.
  • Populations may sometimes rise and fall rapidly, within a span of about five years.
  • Three hundred scientists participated in the study over a span of three years.
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