5th Baronet

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  • The 5th baronet was apparently imbecile at this time and died soon after.
  • As he died without issue, he was succeeded as the 5th Baronet by his brother Sir John Page Wood.
  • His brother David became the 5th baronet and also died unmarried in 1814.
  • His son, Sir Roger Newdigate, the 5th baronet, would incorporate these into a larger system.
  • He was thus titled 5th Baronet Pulteney, having declined several offers of a peerage during his parliamentary career.
  • Charles Sedley inherited the title (5th baronet) in 1656 when his brother William died.
  • He was succeeded in the baronetcy by his uncle Sir Robert Hesilrige, 5th Baronet.
  • Both baronetcies remained united until they became extinct on the death of the 13th/5th Baronet in 1963.
  • Both died young and the title reverted to their uncle, Sir Christopher Hatton, 5th Baronet.
  • He had no children and was succeeded in the baronetcy and the parliamentary seat by his brother Sir George Oxenden, 5th Baronet.
  • Her situation was not improved at her grandmother's death, as her brother Sir James Long, 5th Baronet, withheld her legacy.
  • His father was the de jure 5th Baronet, of The Neale, but like his predecessors had never assumed the title.
  • The 5th baronet made changes to the parklands in the later 19th century, but on his death in 1919 the baronetcy became extinct.
  • A few paintings from the collection are on display in the search room at the Essex Record Office, including a portrait of the 5th Baronet.
  • In 1966, the estate passed to Sir Andrew Buchanan, 5th Baronet, who moved to the property with his wife and family.
  • He was succeeded in his baronetcy by his kinsman Sir Isaac Holden, 5th Baronet.
  • The baronetcy expired on the death of the last Sir William, the 5th Baronet, without issue in 1795.
  • Sir Peter Warburton, 5th baronet, enlarged the park and engaged William Emes to develop a plan for the park and gardens.
  • In 1979 he also succeeded to the Rose Baronetcy of Montreal, and became the 5th Baronet in that line.
  • It became extinct on the death of the 5th Baronet on 2 December 1806.
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