445th Airlift Wing

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  • The 445th Airlift Wing was the first associate Wing to become unit-equipped.
  • The 445th Airlift Wing and all of its units not reassigned were inactivated.
  • After taking receiving its aircraft, the Air Force ordered the 445th Airlift Wing to relocate their facilities to March AFB, just down the road.
  • In other words, the Air Force assigned a fleet of C-141s to the 445th Airlift Wing, a Reserve unit which had previously flown co-located active-duty planes.
  • Since the initial detainee flights, the 445th Airlift Wing delivered roughly half of the detainees housed at the Guantanamo Bay facility.
  • Plaques, documents and photographs of the homecoming are part of the on-board exhibit researched and created by the 445th Airlift Wing.
  • In 1992 the group once again assumed its role as the operational element of the 445th Airlift Wing under the USAF objective wing organization and became an associate unit of the active duty 63d Operations Group.
  • The 445th Airlift Wing flies the C-17, Globemaster III, the newest and most flexible cargo aircraft to enter the airlift force.